Dealing and accepting of Neuropathic Pain?

Neuropathic pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain.

It does not have a precise location and it is moving from one area of the body to another which creates many difficulties in treating it. It is unpredictable and often surprises by sudden strong strikes of the drill. The surface of the skin becomes very sensitive, almost intolerable to any touch whether it is a soft silk scarf or the touch of the beloved person. The most difficult thing is to accept pain, to go through pain, and to live with pain.

Any type of chronic pain affects our relationship with others. To be with the other beloved one is an ethically challenging process: being in pain we are also constantly thinking how not to hurt him/her by saying ‘no’ to the touch. Is it possible to welcome the touch of the beloved one together with pain? Is it possible to enjoy it?

Eventually, year by year, through ups-and-downs, going to the dark bottom of our dark self, behind the pain which eats you like a beast, we feel a silent presence of the beloved person. There is a touch of the other person who heals you and who brings you balance. And, just to remind – pain is not only and always mine, it is not a solitude. Pain experience can be shared with the beloved one and it also nourishes relations. And this is a huge resource for living with pain and being happy.

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