More about David

Since 2017, David Muñoz González is an entrepreneur, movement & martial artist coach at Art Zenter Academy ( In 2009, he suffered a serious back injury which forced him to develop during the last years, his own specific daily maintenance program, to deal with his chronic pain, searching to harmonize body-mind, to understand, accept, embrace and improve in this way his life quality.

David, as a mover, facing specific pain problems in his life, developed a functional mobility program, simple and easy for everybody, to maintain his body-mind in good shape. This program is called MYK -My Yoga Kaizen, if it is developed face to face, or, in case the classes are online, the name of the program is MYKO -My Yoga Kaizen Online. The basic idea of these classes is to explore the micro and macro-mobility of the body combined with relaxing and breathing techniques. The main tool for exercising is a simple chair, and there is no age limit for the practice. The benefits of MYK are quick with only one session, with the feeling of a lighter body-mind and deeper inner peace during and after the class.

During David´s classes and coaching sessions, trough his own experience of chronic back pain, his main focus is to motivate, inspire, bring vital energy and encourage others to understand, accept and embrace their own pain, like he did, to achieve a better daily life.