Benefits of cold water for mind and body+ video

It is not new that human being knows about the multiple benefits of cold water for our body and mind like among others:

  • It boosts our immune system
  • It gives us a natural high
  • It improves our circulation
  • It reduces our body inflammation
  • It increases our libido
  • It burns calories
  • It reduces stress
  • It is a great way of socializing and making new friends
  • Acclimatize

You can even find people who where studying and showing these benefits from a more concrete and scientific side like Wim Hoff. Check here more about him and his method

So…after so much information during the last years it was time to go to ACTION!

I started gradually, which I highly recommend you, taking cold showers at the end of my showers, later doing longer this moment until finally taking only cold showers. It is interesting in this process to observe your mind and thoughts, the resistance to cold water and sensations how they evolve towards the acceptance and, even, enjoyment.

I have the privilege to live in Finland so, finding cold natural water is quite easy almost the whole year in lakes, rivers or sea. So, when autumn 2021 came, after my practice during Summer and part of Autumn with cold showers, it was the perfect moment to try semi-cold water in the Finnish lakes combined with Finnish Sauna. The experience was GREAT because I just went to water after sauna, go in and go out quickly and direct back to sauna so not big issue with my body temperature and my mind accepted with “pleasure” few by few the physical and mental challenge.

It is important to mention that, from my personal view, this cold water issue has an INDIVIDUAL part, where I needed to overcome and face my resistances / fears / excuses…to not doing it, and exists another super IMPORTANT part that it is the SOCIAL, being for me mandatory to practice this activity with your couple, friends, family, neighbors, job mates…or whoever that you feel who could do easier and more social event in the long term, because in the medium/long term my mind always wants to be back to the safe and comfort of being dry and warm at home, avoiding this “crazy” practice. So, in these moments doing cold water with a nice company helps a lot in my commitment and regular practice, specially in those days that I was too lazy, tired or full of other excuses to skip the cold water.

The Autumn gave space to the hard Winter in Finland and our commitment with the cold water continued and even it went better and better being more constant and regular every week.

Weeks ago I watched the movie “14 peaks” about a climber who, in only 7 months achieved the amazing record of climbing with his team the 14 highest mountains in the world. This movie inspired me for a “crazy” idea…14 cold waters in 14 days”, so I commented with my “cold water team”. It seams like a simple or even stupid challenge for some people but, coming from me, who I really hated cold water and even winter in all forms, it was a HUGE challenge.

The initial joke started to transform in something more serious and doable so we started visiting during January 2022 different lakes at Espoo, Finland. And the “crazy joke” today, at the moment I am writing this post on 27.01.2022, is the day 16 in a row visiting cold waters, with personal record in the water of 5 minutes and 20 seconds. So…yes, it is doable, it is possible, the only barrier for it does not happens is ME likewise the only person who can do it possible is ME…

Here you can find a short video about our day 14 in cold waters where English and Spanish languages are mixed. Enjoy it, press LIKE if you like and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel activating the bell if you want to be updated about our last videos in My Happy Pain channel:

14 days 14 cold waters challenge in Finland

About my personal vision and sensations of possible benefits of the cold water during these last months I can say that:

  • I learn to observe my own pain skin pain into the water with more distance, avoiding that the panic and survival mode activate and, in this way, my ability to think clear reduce.
  • My mindset changed in the way to accept the cold water as part of my daily things to do with no extra emotion on that to avoid feeding the fear,resistance and excuses to not do it.
  • I developed a higher resistance to cold and winter in general with less negativity when cold and hard days come during winter time in Finland so, in this sense, my mood improved.
  • Something changed not only in my mindset but also in my body since my resistance into the water is increasing every time a bit more and more and my temperature recovery is also improving being faster each day.
  • I am learning to observe everything in and out of the water with more neutrality and calm even stressful moments knowing that the calm and patience are the key to deal better with everything.
  • My self-stem and self-confidence lifted up since I showed my self that I can do it, even thinking a few months ago that it was impossible.
  • My commitment, focus and clarity increased with this challenge and in life in general.

I hope that was interesting for you this article. I really would like to receive your questions, comments or experiences with cold water here in the comments square or writing us at

Enjoy the cold water! Enjoy the life in all forms!

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