25.08.2021 Chronic Pain Workshop

On the 25th of August 2021, we held a workshop on how to work with pain and how to engage with people experiencing pain. Our focus was on various definitions of pain, explanation of existing contemporary treatments of chronic pain, and mechanics of pain experience.

The main questions we tackled were how to recognize the person experiencing pain, how to work with pain embodiment, and diversity of emotions and state of mind, how to understand pain and to embrace it.  

We also gave practical, easy to apply, exercises which help to reduce pain: storytelling, art practices, and a short demo class of MYKO (My Yoga Kaizen Online). For watching the MYKO demo class press the next link:

From this post, we want to thank the organizers of this workshop, the associations Mielen Portti, Trapesa, Filoksenia and Perhelinna, with special mention to Raisa Lindroos, Irina Preis and Clara Vázquez, likewise the 20 professional associations, invited to the workshop, connected and working daily with pain and chronic pain.

Thanks for this amazing experience and let’s continue growing and learning together to do this world a place with less pain and more awareness.

Irina & David