20.11.2021 MHP Birthday celebration at Art Zenter Academy

Last Saturday 20.11.2021, My Happy Pain team celebrated a wonderful birthday at Art Zenter Academy (www.artzenter.fi).

This very special and unique experience was a fun challenge for everybody who participated since the event was physical at AZA premises but also with people online connected from different parts of the world.

The party started with a joyful presentation of participants, who all agreed to have fun and enjoy fully the experience. After that David and his “wheel of life” concept, engaged people to become again babies, kids, teen-agers, and finally wise enlightened adults, with the help of several games and exercises, searching for joy, harmony and balance through the movement, breathing techniques, Tai Chi and final relaxing meditation.

Irina led participants into meditation with Earth element combined together with lithotherapy, feeling different crystals and connecting them with areas of the body. The final part of the event was crowned with making Birthday wishes using various decks of the Tarot, engaging with the Major Arcanas, interpreting and contemplating the chosen cards.


Thank you, David and Irina!
My b-day celebration this year was absolutely perfect! I didn’t have a very clear scenario of how and what I want to have. I just decided to trust the full confidence I have in you, David, which has been built up during our last years of cooperation. David and Irina, I would do anything with you two! You are funny, you are serious, you are deep, you are relaxed, you are creative, you are smart, you are just inspiring.
If anybody wants to have any kind of energizing event and is willing to step out of the box and let all the control go, My Happy Pain’s team can help the wish come true! 🙂 <3


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